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Kia Ora -- Welcome!

This site is dedicated to some of the most friendly people on earth - the people of New Zealand. As you wander through the pages I think it will be immediately obvious how much we fell in love with this beautiful country and the terrific folk who live there.

When finished, it will contain the series of emails I sent to friends and family during the course of 30 days we spent touring the South and North Islands. Masses of photos we took and the itinerary of our trip will be added. I'm also planning on including some detailed information on various areas, some of the history, personal impressions and observations, comments from several of our new New Zealand friends, links to a number of very interesting New Zealand sites, and much more. Please bookmark the page and keep checking back as I'll be spending the next few months putting it all together.
This is just the beginning........

Site calendar
5/26/99 - put up several pages of photos
5/28/99 - added more photos and some text to most of the photo pages
5/29/99 - put up first email and added more photos
5/30/99 - added a guest book [please sign in] and put up more photos
6/1/99 - added email #2 with pics and new pic to email #1
6/8/99 - added emails #3, #4, and links page
6/23/99 - added email #5
7/12/99 - added emails #6 and #7; also added 3 pages of photos to the Larnach Castle section
8/1/99 - added emails #8 and #9; also added 3 pages to the NZ Fighter Pilot Museum
2/16/00 - changed the Larnach Castle section to slide shows
2/27/00 - changed the Christchurch section to 2 sections and made into slide shows
2/29/00 - added Kaikoura page

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#1 - From Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand

#2 - From Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

#3 - A day in Dunedin

#4 - From Te Anau, South Island, New Zealand

#5 - Te Anau [continued]

#6 - Up the West Coast

#7 - We're in Taupo, North Island, New Zealand

#8 - Stanmore Bay, South Island, New Zealand

#9 - Farewell New Zealand

Photos and Information

Here are some New Zealand links you might enjoy.

Check out the Wellington, New Zealand weather right here.

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